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Template Design

You'll get a custom design that's not only stunning but also editable, so it can evolve with your business over time. We'll work closely with you to ensure that the templates we create are tailored to your unique business needs and marketing strategy.

The details

Your brand's potential is unlocked with ease. Our design templates are built with scalability in mind, empowering your brand to grow as you do. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand, our adaptable templates are designed to fit your unique needs.

You'll get templates that...

- Are high-quality design without breaking the bank
- Will help you to save time and resources on designing your graphics
- Allow you to produce graphics quickly and on a regular basis
- Help to create professional-looking designs without the need for extensive design training

How it works

Working with us is simple, here's how →

1/ Strategy

We'll meet to chat about your intention for your templates and create a plan to maximize them by optimizing your content and creative direction.

2/ Design

We design your template pack and the initial template designs are sent for your review.

3/ Build

You'll send us your feedback and we'll make up to two revisions per template.

4/ Launch

We'll transfer ownership to you and provide guidance on how to make edits and going live whenever you're ready!

Work with May

Hey I'm May, a Digital Brand Designer, snack-addicted, explorer of the world and founder of Brands of Prey.

Through out my time working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. I noticed many were getting stuck. They have a clever idea but struggled to come up with a brand design that matched their epic vision. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible - so I created a company that breaks through the confusion and is built on helping brands craft a clever design without the hassle.

The world deserves to see what your brand has to offer, so now they can, in just minutes, with our professionally designed templates.


We let our reviews speak for themselves →

I am a second-time returning customer because of May's creativity, efficiency, professionalism, and kindness. Her incredible skills have never disappointed me. May is also super accommodating and has a very quick turnaround. I look forward to working with May again in the future! xx


Pure Pilates

May is amazing! I have purchased most of the branding for my business from her shop and it never disappoints! She is friendly, kind, and has great products. She also has a lot of knowledge too! Reach out to her if you're unsure, but definitely give her a go. You won't be disappointed!


Zahra's Place

May is amazing! She's helped me design many things for my business, and every time I ask for something custom, she delivers! I couldn't be happier with her work and customer service.


The Nail Shop

Quick service, awesome communication, and absolutely amazing designs. So happy!


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Perfect for brands looking for personalized Canva templates that align with their specific business requirements and marketing strategy.

  • Customized Package of Canva Templates (quantity determined by your specific needs)
  • Tailored to Suit Your Business and Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy Guide for the Templates
  • Expertly Crafted Copywriting for all Templates
  • Individualized 1:1 Strategy Session

    Approx completion time: 1-3 weeks.

    For pricing information, please contact us with your customization requests.
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    Template Design

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