About us

The bar is set way too low when it comes to brand design — so we decided to raise it.

We’ve rewritten what it means for you to get one, in a new way that gives you a huge head start and doesn't break the bank. With our 100% editable brand templates your brand can step into the spotlight quickly, without the headache of starting from scratch.
We provide industry-leading templates for creatives, entrepreneurs, product-based brands, service-based brands, educators, coaches, content marketers, podcasters, photographers — essentially, we’re for online brands who want to show up confidently as the industry go-to.

How it works

Learn how to get a brand design in minutes →

1/ Choose your kit

Shop from our collection of brand templates. Choose one or mix and match different collections.

2/ Update the template

You’ll get an email with access to the templates. Rewrite text, change colours and upload images to make it in your own.

3/ Show the world

Export your design from the editor and it’s ready for you to upload. Time to show your new brand design into the world!

Meet the Founder

Hey I'm May, a Digital Brand Designer, snack-addicted, explorer of the world and founder of Brands of Prey.

Through out my time working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. I noticed many were getting stuck. They have a clever idea but struggled to come up with a brand design that matched their epic vision. I’m here to tell you that it’s possible - so I created a company that breaks through the confusion and is built on helping brands craft a clever design without the hassle.

The world deserves to see what your brand has to offer, so now they can, in just minutes, with our professionally designed templates.