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Printing at home

Step 1
Download your design as a PDF.

Step 2
Choose export settings. Select paper size you are printing on under ‘Paper Size’ and select 'Print Multiples Per Page' if you wish to print the design tiled on one page.

Where can I buy the paper or card to print these on?

If you are printing at home, I suggest you print on paper that is thicker (150gsm or higher) to provide a quality look and feel. You can find thicker paper at your office supply store.

I like using the brand Avery. Please make sure to print it on white paper so the colours come out true to the design and any normal printer will work to print these out.

How do I print these with Avery?

On their website, you can upload your design and it helps you line everything up to print. On the box is a template number, find the matching template and upload it here: https://www.avery.com/templates  

This will help you set up your design so it prints smoothly with the template.

Printing professionally

Step 1
Download your design as a PDF.

Step 2
Choose export settings. Click ‘Show Bleed’ and to export pages altogether or individually, select your preference on the Page # dropdown.

Which printing provider do you suggest using?

If you're looking to bring your template to life, we would use Moo. Moo is our go-to printing provider because they provide high-quality prints and offer low order quantities. They have plenty of high quality paper stock choices and a user-friendly interface that is fit for any beginner.

Best part? They offer printing in small quantities making ideal for small businesses!
Click here to check out Moo.

Can I get these printed at my local printing provider?

Depending on where you live, you’ll be able to export your templates as a PDF and print at your local printing provider such as Staples, Officeworks, CVS, Office Depot/Office Max, etc.